Junior Learning League

This is a great way to introduce your child to the game of golf. Taking place on Sunday evenings at 3 (Ages 5-9) or 4pm (ages 10 plus) starting May 5th, your junior will get introduced to the game of golf, receive basic instruction, meet some new friends and play some holes of golf.

We run a combination of basic instruction and playing golf holes from the beginning of May until the end of May. From the beginning of July until the end of August Parents will be able to come out and play with their junior on our NEW Par 3 course at no charge. We set up the program this way because we have found in the past that we get great participation in the program until the summer starts then the numbers start to dwindle with summer camps vacations etc. but we still have the diehard kids who really get into the game.

Our program includes the entire program, golf clubs if needed, and golf balls as needed. For parents who are unsure if this program will be good for their child you will be able to bring them out one time for FREE so your junior can try it out.

Registration: Before May 5th

Register for 3pm (Ages 5-9) by Clicking Here

Register for 4pm (Ages 10 plus) by Clicking Here

Cost:$234 Plus Tax