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Time Well Spent is the focus of everything we do here and our Leagues are one area where that is highly demonstrated. The Leagues at Orr Lake Golf Club are all focused on creating a fun, inclusive environment for everyone involved. I often get people who come in who want to buy a membership in hopes that they will start to play more golf (they usually played no more then 5 times the year before). My response is always the same, if you want to play more golf join a league. Its a great way to get yourself committed to at least one round of golf per week. We find that most people tend to join a league with a friend and use the league night as their weekly “night out with friends”.

We have lots of Leagues to choose from. Click on the League below to get more details:

Sunday Afternoon Junior Learn to Golf League

Monday Morning Senior Men’s League

Monday Afternoon Men’s League

Tuesday Morning Ladies League

Tuesday Afternoon Ladies League

Wednesday Morning Seniors Mixed League

Thursday Morning Bayshore Seniors Mixed League

Thursday Afternoon Junior Advanced Learning League

Thursday Afternoon Match Play League