9th Green

Individual or Group Private Lessons

Orr Lake GC has become a very popular spot to Learn or Improve your golf game. With the recent (hopefully not permanent) retirement of our long term golf Teacher Paul Jennings due to health concerns, we now have a new instructor Sue Westwood available to give lessons at Orr Lake Golf Club.

Sue Westwood CPGA

As a previous competitive tournament player I love the game of golf. In fact even more then playing, I love helping others improve their game so that they get more enjoyment (whether it be competitive or recreational) out of golf. As a result of my years of coaching golf, I have learned that my students that are the happiest with the results, are those that understand that golf is a sum of many moving parts. These parts include not only the swing, but also the limitations of each persons body and the way they think about their golf game.

As part of my coaching philosophy, our first session is focused not on immediate improvement but on understanding your current golfing style which includes your swing, body movement, limitations and your mental golf strategy. This first session includes an assessment of your course management and video analysis as a reference. We then determine your specific improvement goals which will be measurable, achievable and rewarding.

Although the process is the same for each student, each program that is developed is specific for you and offering you the best opportunities for improvement. If you are just looking for a golf teacher who will just make a couple little adjustments in your swing in one lesson I am not the instructor for you. As all golfers know, the results of each day on the course can vary significantly. My goal is to help you reduce the variance of your game to game results.

Class A member of the PGA of Canada – 20 Years
TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) fitness level 1 certified
Trained in the Mastery of the mental game-skills and drills that get results
NCCP Psychology of Sport
Trained Coach of New Competitors
NCCP Coach of multi sport
Graduate of the Georgian College PGM program

Coaching Pricing:

1st Lesson – Assessment Approximately 1 hour $100

2nd + Lessons – $60 per lesson

To begin your development call : 705-527-2214