Senior Mixed Leagues

We have a couple of great 9 hole Seniors Morning Mixed Leagues depending on the day you are available. Both these leagues are very social and provide you the opportunity to meet lots of new friends. They are both very friendly and welcoming.


Our Wednesday morning Seniors League mixes up players into groups so you get the opportunity to play with everyone with tee times starting at 8:30am and a once a month shotgun start (everyone tees off at the same time on different holes). There are weekly games, Sausage on a Bun day and a final banquet. This League is all about fun. Your golfing ability is secondary to your ability to have fun with other seniors who are out to socialize and have a laugh through the game of golf. This kicks off every Wednesday with tee times ranging from 8:30-11am and alternates between the front and back 9. The League tees off May 3rd. For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE


Our Thursday Morning Seniors League was started by the Bayshore Seniors Club but anyone can join. It also is a very social group where players are mixed up each week allowing you to meet everyone in the League. There are also weekly games, sausage on a bun day and a final banquet. Tee times start at 8:30am with monthly Shotgun Starts. For more information on this league PLEASE CLICK HERE