Multi-Green Fee Savings Program

Our Multi-Green Fee program is set up to provide discounts for our golfers who enjoy playing our facility regularly, but not often enough to join as a member. These passes can be shared and don’t expire.

CHANGES for 2019

The golf season is typically about 28 weeks long (depending on when we can open) with most leagues usually running about 23-24 weeks long. For those who want to, and usually do play 1x a week a 20 pak usually runs out before the end of the league so they either have to pay for their last couple of rounds at full price, they need to spend the money on another 20 Pak at the end of the year, or…in some rare cases they skip a round or 2 near the end of the season. For others that know they might be away during different parts of the summer the 20 pak will leave them with a few extras or the 10 pak won’t be enough. We also have those regular players who play 1.5x a week throughout the year and run out of the 30 pak with a month left in the season. As a result this year we will be adding a new format we hope will better fit with how we have experienced people play during the season.

BONUS until January 31, 2019

Buy 15 Green Fees and save 10% Get 2 Bonus Green Fees of equal value

Buy 25 Green Fees and save 20% Get 3 Bonus Green Fees of equal value

Buy 35 Green Fees and save 30% Get 4 Bonus Green Fees of equal value

15 Round of Golf 10% Discount
18 Holes 9 Holes
WEEKDAY $431.33 ($28.31)  $339.39 ($22.63)
WEEKEND $566.33 ($37.76)  $377.33($25.16)
TWILIGHT After 3pm with Cart

$431.33 ($28.76)

After 5pm no cart

$326.10 ($21.74)

POWER CART $161.33 ($10.76) $161.33 ($10.76)
25 Rounds of Golf 20% Discount
WEEKDAY $639.00 ($25.16) $502.80 ($20.11)
WEEKEND $839.00 ($33.56) $559.00 ($22.36)
TWILIGHT After 3pm with Cart

$639.00 ($25.56)

After 5pm no Cart

$483.00 ($19.32)

POWER CART $239.00 ($9.56) $239.00 ($9.56)
35 Rounds of Golf 30% Discount
18 Holes 9 Holes
WEEKDAY $782.78 ($22.02) $615.93 ($17.60)
WEEKEND $1027.78 ($29.37) $684.78 ($19.57)
TWILIGHT  After 3pm with Cart

782.78 (22.37)

After 5pm no Cart

$591.68 ($16.90)

POWER CART $292.95 ($8.37) $292.95 ($8.37)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All passes are subject to applicable taxes
  • Prices in () are the reduced costs per round
  • Passes can only be used for green fees at the purchased value time or a time where prices are lower then purchased value times. I.e. a 18 hole Weekday Pass can be used for a 9 hole Weekend round but not for a 18 hole Weekend round.
  • Passes cannot be used for Orr Lake golf tournament events I.e. Father’s Day Open

Prices are subject to change without notice.
We strive to make our website as accurate as possible, but mistakes can occur. Clubhouse has final pricing sheets on site at Orr Lake Golf Course.