Ladies Golf

Learning Golf

Orr Lake Golf Club has become one of  the most popular golf courses around to both Learn Golf and Improve your game. Our golf instructors are focused on creating a relaxed and fun environment here at Orr Lake Golf Club.  Our teaching facilities includes area to teach putting, chipping, bunker play and long shots. As a result of this investment our Ladies, Seniors, Couples and Junior Clinics have taken off with huge success. Our golf instructors focus on developing new golfers and helping beginners and mid level golfers improve their games.

Adult Learning Clinics

Our Ladies, Seniors and Couples Clinics have become VERY Popular. For only $250 inc tax you receive 4 Lessons with no more then 6 people, and 10 Rounds of 9 hole Weekday golf . BONUS: If you decide to play immediately using up 1 of your rounds we will include the use of a cart for these first 4 weeks for FREE! Need Clubs and Balls? No problem!! We will get you all set up!

NEW FOR 2018

Our primary golf instructor Sue Westwood has now created 2 lesson programs meant to be used as stepping stones when learning the game of golf.

Learn to Golf – This is the foundation of the golf game which focuses on learning how to hit the ball including gripping the club, the fundamentals of the swing and an introduction to the basic shots including driving, chipping and putting.

Learn to Play – After you have taken Learn to Golf, this is the next step which will introduce you to club selection, course management, etiquette, and basic rules while still emphasizing proper setup and swing. IMPORTANT: Please do not sign up for Learn to Play unless you have already taken Learn to Golf

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Junior Learning

To help give all kids the opportunity to try Golf we sponsor 5 local schools with the Golf Canada Golf in Schools program. This program includes visits to the school by a qualified golf instructor and then a trip to the golf course for all the kids.

To follow up we have lots of great Junior Learning opportunities here at Orr Lake Golf Club including a Beginner Learning League, Junior Learn to Play (ages 7-13) and Junior New Competitive Golfer (ages 12-15) program plus Summer Camps through the Springwater Township.