Wednesday Morning Seniors Info

Welcome to 2023 Wednesday Morning Seniors League


STARTING TIME: 1st Tee Time is at 8:30am (Shotgun Starts are 8:30am Tee Off)

TEE TIMES: Morgan is going to be arranging the schedule for the entire season. On Sunday we will post only the first week in case anyone has been missed or changes need to be made. The following week she will publicize the entire season schedule.


SHOTGUN STARTS at 8:30am – May 31, June 28, August , August 30

Sausage on a Bun Day – August 3rd

Final Banquet – September 27th

SEPTEMBER 20 , 2023

8:30 Dave Hamelin Sue Grigg Ian Sheriff Bill Gidley 

8:39 Martin Davies Barbara Jordan Ralph Howard Ken Quesnelle 

8:48 Cameron Hunter Jennifer Hunter Robert Magill Karen Magill

8:57 Jean Coryell, Isy Matthews, Mary Peckham Ken Birse

9:06 Genie Mathers Jack O’Leary Peggy Dundas Bonnie Mitchell

9:15Lynn Strouth Bill Strouth Phil Hackney Carol Hackney

9:24Jack Robbins Fred Moore Steve Gilbert Dona Champion

9:33Diane McDonough Brian Bermingham Kyle Cassidy Sandra Cassidy

9:42 Mike O’Grady June O’Grady Charlie Wright Bob Crosmas

9:51Michael Gibson Mary Anne Gibson Dennis Sobil Joan Sibil

10:00Linda Campbell Ilga Shakes  Mary Quesnelle John Quesnelle

10:09Barry Campbell Allan Shakes Jim McCreary Alvin Dupuis

10:18 Lyn VanValkenburg Dawn McCleave Paul McCleave

10:27Jim Thompson John Klemanis Bev Doerksen Paul Doerksen

10:36 Angela LeMaitre Cathy McCaw David McCaw Marie Michaud

10:45 Mel Coates Art Deveau Judy Wales Adele Heins

10:54 Les Koski Terry Hoy Randy Schaefer Susan McMaster