Wednesday Morning Seniors Tee Times

Welcome to Wednesday Morning Seniors 2020

Your event will be taking place in the Dancehall starting at 12:30pm

PLEASE NOTE: You must wear a face mask inside the clubhouse anytime you are not seated. All seating will be assigned – Groups that requested to play with each other during the season will be seated together. All others will be placed together at random. Table seating has been reduced to 4 per table from the usual 8 to help with distancing. A table chart with the table # will be posted at the entrance.

Tables will be served 1 table at a time so it will probably take longer then normal to get everyone served. Details will be announced when everyone is seated. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Prizes winnings will be announced but you will not be coming up to receive them. All prizes will be added to your account in advance of the banquet.

The bar will be open and you will be able to use your winnings on your account to purchase a drink. This will allow for reduced contact. Please obey the spacing lines on the floor. NO MORE THEN 4 PEOPLE IN LINE AT A TIME PLEASE.

Senior League Season Results and Prize money

Best Man Best Woman 
40John Green40Linda Green
38.5David Button38.5Linda Campbell
37Bruce Ironside37Mel Coates
35.5Jim Hastie35.5Adele Heins
34Dave Hamelin34Lynda Cobb
32.5Bill Gidley32.5Shirley Trudeau
31Randy Marshall31Doris Willis
29.5Gary Willis29.5Landra Burton
28John Stibler28Peggy Dundas
26.5Dave De Savigny26.5Jean Coryell
25John Futa25Susan Grigg
23.5Martin Davies23.5Paulette Smith
22Bob Burton22Dawn McCleave
20.5Jim McFadyen20.5Barb Jordan
19Cal Angus19Pat Lefaive
17.5Art Deveau17.5Karen Magill
16Robert Magill16Jill Ironside
14.5John Norwood14.5Betty Currie
13Jim Thompson13Chris Atkinson
11.5Frank Pellegrino11.5Carol Hackney
515 515 
Most Consistent Most Improved 
40Mary Downey40Genie Mathers
38.5Paul McCleave38.5Wilma West
37Ken Quesnelle37Jim McCreary
35.5Gary West35.5Bill Strouth
34Jack O’Leary34Tom Cobb
32.5Doug Atkinson32.5Mary Peckham
31Sheila Dobson31Mike MacMullen
29.5Ralph Howard29.5Barb Hood
28Mary Quesnelle28Cathy Hartley
26.5Bev Doerksen26.5Nora Dixon
25Lynn Strouth25Pat Schindler
23.5Brian Bermingham23.5Kim Wilson
22Barry Campbell22Dave Schindler
20.5Paul Doerksen20.5John Quesnelle
19Paul Huck19Diane McDonough
17.5Carmen Mackay17.5Dave Hood
16Ian Sheriff16Isy Matthews
14.5Vyvyan Hardwick14.5Ivan Wilson
13Don McRae13Phil Hackney
11.5Mike Mackay11.5 
515 515