Wednesday Morning Seniors Tee Times

We have RULES….huraaay (said nobody ever), but we have had some questions regarding some different situations. As a result we now have some basic rules that you can view by CLICKING HERE

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Friday Before a League Week BEFORE 11am you will need to email morgan@orrlakegolfclub if you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. Please don’t email us to tell us you are coming that week…only if you will NOT be attending

On Sunday morning at 10am you will receive an email that will have your tee time and the people you will be playing with. You may receive emails from Chronogolf with your tee times as well. If you have SPECIAL REQUESTS for your group for the coming week they MUST BE EMAILED BEFORE THE PREVIOUS FRIDAY by 11am. If you have a STANDING GROUP (Same group request every week) you only need to let us know the first week. We will not be able to make changes after 11am on the Friday. 

Men are playing from the Red Tee Blocks and Ladies from the Yellow Tee Blocks

Due to the high registration we will be doing a Split Start with Tee Times starting at 8:30am – 10:00am



8:30 Mike O’Grady June O’Grady Elizabeth Hesson Dwight Hesson

8:39 Bob McMillan Peter Wright Cindy Wright Jim Thompson

8:48 Micheal Mackay Carmen Mackay Cameron Hunter Jennifer Hunter

8:57 Paul England Eva England Genie Mathers Jack O’Leary

9:06 Mellisa Joynt John Parkin Nancy Brough James Harrison

9:15 John Stibler Ken Birse Ray Willis Jane Willis 

9:24 Charlie Wright John Futa Bob Crosmas Barb Hacking

9:33 Paul Doerksen Bev Doerksen Blythe Rodd Bob Larsen

9:42 Linda Campbell Barry Campbell Ken Popple  Alvin Dupuis


8:30 Martin Davies Barbara Jordan Carol Hackney Phil Hackney

8:39 Lynn Vanvalkenburg Brian Bermingham Diane McDonough

8:48 Valerie Deveau Arcade Deveau Paul Huck Cal Angus

8:57 Robert Magill Karen Magill Peggy Dundas Ken Quesnelle

9:06 Ian Sheriff Dave Hamelin Sue Grigg Jim McCreary

9:15 Isy Matthews Jean Coryell Janet Orser Mary Peckham

9:24 Lynda Cobb Tom Cobb Bonnie Thomson Marie Michaud

9:33 Pauline Smith Dawn McCleave Adele Heins Ralph Howard

9:42 Gary Willis Doris Willis Bill Gidley Shirley Trudeau