Wednesday Morning Seniors Info

Thank you again for committing to Orr Lake Golf Club for your weekly league. Once again we will be re-evaluating all aspects of our league to try and make it better for next year.

Please stay tuned for more information but the one change we can commit to is we will be going back in time to our old ways of shotgun starts every week and making teams as players arrive. This will help to ensure that everyone has a group of 4 to play with and will eliminate the twosomes going out on their own. If you have a friend you want to play with every week or your own group we will continue to accommodate these requests.

Winnings for 2023 – Left hand column is money that has been added to your account. This money can be used for Proshop Products, Drinks, Green Fees, Carts and Multipacks.

40Peggy Dundas
40Mike O’Grady
39.75Dona Champion
39.5Charlie Wright
39.25Dawn McCleave
39Steve Gibert
38.75Karen Magill
38.5Brian Bermingham
38.25Jim McCreary
38Isy Matthews
37.75Jim Thompson
37.5Terry Hoy
37.25Les Koski
37Paul McCleave
36.75Dave Hamelin
36.5Mary Quesnelle
36.25June O’Grady
36Art Deveau
35.75Sue Grigg
35.5John Klemamnis
35.25Robert Magill
35Lynn VanValkenburg
34.75Jack Robbins
34.5Melanie Coates
34.25Jean Coryell
34Ian Sheriff
33.75Randy Schaefer
33.5Carol Hackney
33.25Diane McDonough
33Bonnie Mitchell
32.75Fred Moore
32.5Jack O’Leary
32.25Ken Quesnelle
32Susan McMaster
31.75Paul Doerksen
31.5Adele Heins
31.25Bob Crosmas
31Bev Doerksen
30.75John Quesnelle
30.5Bill Gidley
30.25Mary Peckham
30Phil Hackney
29.75Cathy McCaw
29.5David McCaw
29.25Illga Shakes
29Joan Sibil
28.75Marie Michaud
28.5Genie Mathers
28.25Michael Gibson
28Barry Campbell
27.75Allan Shakes
27.5Ralph Howard
27.25Ken Birse
27Linda Campbell
26.75Sandra Cassidy
26.5Kyle Cassidy
26.25Jennifer Hunter
26Cameron Hunter
25.75Mary Anne Gibson
25.5Martin Davies
25.25Barbara Jordan
25Judy Wales