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Senior Men’s League Results & Tee Times

Tee Times are at the bottom of the page.

We ask for your help with the following:
The Friday Before a League Week BEFORE 11am you will need to email morgan@orrlakegolfclub if you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. Please don’t email us to tell us you are coming that week…only if you will NOT be attending

On Sunday morning at 10am you will receive an email that will have your tee time and the people you will be playing with. You may receive emails from Chronogolf with your tee times as well. If you have SPECIAL REQUESTS for your group for the coming week they MUST BE EMAILED BEFORE THE PREVIOUS FRIDAY by 11am. If you have a STANDING GROUP (Same group request every week) you only need to let us know the first week. We will not be able to make changes after 11am on the Friday.

Please make sure 1 person from your group has a score card.

You will be playing from the RED tee decks.

Rules Confirmation

Holes 2, 4, 8 and 13 that you will have 2 options if you lose a ball into the water or ravine:

Option 1: Take a 2nd shot from point of entry into the hazard (or you can hit a 2nd shot from the tee) with a 1 stroke penalty i.e. you hit your 1st shot into the water and the next shot you hit will be your 3rd OR

Option 2: Drop the ball on the other side of the hazard and take 2 strokes as penalty i.e. you hit your first shot into the water and your next shot on the other side of the water will be your 4th shot.

Also we are reinstating the  “double par” rule. If you get to double par please pick up and that will be your score for the hole.

For the rest of the Rules PLEASE CLICK HERE


In the case of a Rain Day (which needs to be designated by Orr Lake Golf Club) we will not be cancelling the league. A RAIN DAY will be announced on your League Result Web Page at least 3 hours before the start of your League. Morning and Evening Men’s Leagues are different and one may be designated a RAIN DAY while the other is not.

In order to gain your Men’s League Points, everyone will have the choice of either:
A) coming out and playing in the conditions of the day or
B) playing out your round in the following 3 days (Scorecards must be handed in to Proshop by Thursday Evening at 8pm with your $5). If you would like to submit a score from another league that you are playing in that week, please keep a separate scorecard to hand in for the Men’s Leagu

When a Rain Day is designated there will not be any ON COURSE contests for that week and the green fees and cart fees you pay will will be subject to the time you decide to participate. This also means that Steve will not have as much time to tabulate results so on RAIN DAY weeks the results will not be finalized and posted on the website until the following Wednesday.


We are changing it up this year. Everyone’s points this year will be determined off of NET Scores.

Handicaps will be determined ONLY from scores within Men’s League and will be evaluated the 1st week of each month. Handicaps are a way for us to level the playing field for everyone. If you play to your handicap you should end up shooting even par after your handicap has been deducted I.e. if you are a 10 Handicap for 9 holes and you shoot 45 on our front 9 your net score would be 35 (even par).

FLIGHTS will be determined from handicaps and will be re-evaluated the 1st week of every month as well. Points will be allocated with each flight. There will be 3 Flights

NET SCORE POINTS – You will receive Net Score Points, within your flight, based on your net score. The person has the lowest score will get 1st place and receive 15 points, 2nd lowest score will get 2nd place and 14 points etc….

BONUS POINTS – We have added bonus points to reward success on individual holes. These will also be NET SCORES associated with each hole i.e. if you are a 9 handicap for 9 holes you will get 1 stork off of each hole. If you are a 2 handicap for 9 holes, on the Front 9 you would get a stroke off of your score on holes 6 & 9 (the hardest holes). Bonus Points are as follows: 10 Points Double Eagle, 8 Points Eagle, 6 Points Birdie, 4 Points Par, 2 Points Bogey

ATTENDANCE POINTS – You will receive 5 points each day you show up

SCORE ENTRY POINTS – If you enter your scores either on your phone or from your computer at home, everyone on your team will receive 5 bonus points


The Top 5 people each week in EACH Flight receive Orr Lake $$. These $$ are automatically added to your account and can be used in the Proshop for drinks, carts, green fees, and proshop products. You can check your account using the Orr Lake Golf Club app and logging into your account.

Within each Flight the prize $$ are:

1st.   $10
2nd.  $9
3rd.   $8
4th.   $7
5th.   $6

RESULTS: We need to call the App People so sort out a couple things on Monday Morning – Results will be posted as soon as we talk to them.

We will be providing details on scoring entry this week.


9:30 Bill Gidley Andy Cadeau Brian Smith Jim Strong

9:39 Bill Strouth Bill Fordham Dwight Hesson Paul Durst

9:48 Martin Davies Peter Wright Robert Magill Brian Bermingham

9:57 Jim Curtis Bob Lloyd Michael Mackay Pierre Brassard

10:06 Dave Hamelin Ian Sheriff Ken Birse Kevin Kennerney

10:15 Steve Crane Vyvyan Hardwick Lofton Lucas Jim McFadyen

10:24 John Clayton Lloyd Lancaster Jim Thomas Charles Pepper

10:33 Bob McMillan Michael Gibson Paul Doerksen Brian Emond 

10:42 Garry Janda Paul Kenney David Horzempa Victor Horzempa 

10:51 Mike O’Grady John Futa Larry Ross John Quesnelle

11:00 Barry Zimmerman Andy Moynihan Kenneth Croucher Brian Butler

11:09 John Collins Don Monteith Les Koski Terry Hoy