League Rules – Senior & Ladies

ALL Senior Men in Leagues – RED TEE MARKERS

ALL Ladies in Leagues – YELLOW TEE MARKERS


Ball in the Hole

If you are within 1 regular grip length of the hole is is considered a Gimmie (you consider your next shot a given + 1 stroke)

Hole #2 & #4

If you hit your ball in the water please drop on the other side of the ponds (closest to the green) and you will be hitting your 3rd shot.


If you go into a bunker you can either, play it as it lies OR lift up the ball – smooth out the spot and replace the ball OR move the ball 1 putter grip away from the current location to a smooth location.

If you hit your ball into the woods please look for NO MORE THEN 30 seconds then drop a ball at your point of entry. You will add 1 additional stroke onto your score.

Speed of Play

The goal is to finish 9 holes in 2 hours. If you are hitting your double par shot (I.e. you are hitting your 8th shot on a Par 4) please pick up your ball and place it on the front edge of the green. This will help to keep things moving – ALSO- Please play READY GOLF meaning you hit when you get to your ball, you don’t necessarily wait for the person who may be further away if they are not ready yet.

Please drop off your score card into the small Golf Bag just inside the Entrance Door

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