Orr Lake Christmas Parties

OrrLake Christmas TreeOrr Lake Golf Club has gotten into the Christmas Party business. In the fall of 2013 we added heating to the dancehall and washrooms that now allows us to host Christmas parties into the beginning of December.


In our historic dancehall we can accommodate large and small groups alike with areas to host a band, or DJ and a large dance floor to add to your festivities. We have a fully stocked bar as well as we do all our catering in house. We will set up the room with a Seasonal feel and provide you with 2 great dinner options.

Christmas Dinner Options


Our golf lounge is a more intimate area to host smaller groups of up to 50 people who are primarily looking just for a relaxed social dinner and get together. The wood-stove with Muskoka granite surroundings and pine accents throughout the room, seasonally decorated help to provide a great feeling. Both dinner options are also available for this room.

Give Denise a call at 705 322 1664 or email her directly at