Morning Ladies Tee Times

RESTAURANT NEWS: After a great discussion with some Ladies and the Backyard BBQ the restaurant will now start opening from 10:30am-1pm every Tuesday until the end of the season. Please come out and support the restaurant to show them its important to you to have them. Thanks

We have RULES….huraaay (said nobody ever), but we have had some questions regarding some different situation. As a result we now have some basic rules that you can view by CLICKING HERE

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Friday Before a League Week BEFORE 11am you will need to email morgan@orrlakegolfclub if you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. Please don’t email us to tell us you are coming that week…only if you will NOT be attending

On Sunday morning at 10am you will receive an email that will have your tee time and the people you will be playing with. You may receive emails from Chronogolf with your tee times as well. If you have SPECIAL REQUESTS for your group for the coming week they MUST BE EMAILED BEFORE THE PREVIOUS FRIDAY by 11am. If you have a STANDING GROUP (Same group request every week) you only need to let us know the first week. We will not be able to make changes after 11am on the Friday.

We look forward to seeing everyone!



8:30 Dawn McCleave Jane Anne Sullivan Susan Allen Anne Marie Martyniuk 

8:39 Gwen Tjart Janis McKee Barb Bauldry Allanah Young

8:48 Janey Guthrie Colleen Baldwin Joanne McManee Dona Champion

8:57 Linda Jackson Debbie Crane Cindy Hayes Wright Beth Carter

9:06 Karen Hall Connie O’Shell Sara Janda Diane McDonough

9:15 Jan Scully Carol Laffan Alison Rickaby Cheryl McCalmont

9:24 Ruth Woodcock Mary Sheremeto Sue Grigg Gail Latour

9:33 Joan Lemieux Marlene Boulanger Beth Anne Cartier Katherine Furchner

9:42 Pauline Smith  Margaret Hamilton Landra Burton Cathy McCaw

9:51 Shirley Richardson  Lynn Cranch Susan Harris Adele Heins

10:00 Monique Kovacs Alana Kovacs Margita Wallgten 

10:09 Maggie Loney Nancy Keith Mary Quesnelle

10:18 Brenda Grant Sandy Dilworth Laurie Clarke Sharon Larson


8:30 Isy Matthews Jean Coryell Mary Peckham Dale Guindon

8:39 Cathrine Harrington Barbara Hoy Pat Den Bok

8:48 Penny Meeking Lynn Murray Karen Magill

8:57 Lynda Cobb Pat Lefaive Peggy Dundas Mary Downey

9:06 Sue Cousineau Bobby McConnell Maggie Loney Pat Dalziel

9:15 Linda Campbell Carol Hackney Linda Green

9:24 Val Kelly Nancy Pryor Sue Preston Mary Lou McKelvey

9:33 Joanne Gagnon Yvette Walpole Bev Doerksen

9:42 Leslie Gunnis Lynne Haslett Robin Lougheed Tammy Surgenor

9:51 Cheryl Porter Ellen Hinks Yvonne De Vogel Anderson Pam Thorpe

10:00 Mary Anne Dudar Jan Milton Lynn Vanvalkenburg 

10:09 Caroline Dekkema Pat Schindler Cathy Sherman Cathy Hartley