Morning Ladies League Info

Welcome to the 2023 Morning Ladies League

We have a couple changes coming to the Morning Ladies League

STARTING TIMES: This year the entire season will be scheduled in advance so you will know all your tee times for the year. Once a month (on the event days) we will be doing a shotgun start. The groups and hole assignments for these days will also be pre-organized. If you cannot make one of the days just email and she will take you off the list

SPECIAL REQUESTS: If you have someone(s) that you would you would like to play with for the season we will now ask that you let us know when you register. Please email with the subject line MORNING LADIES LEAGUE REQUEST and the details so that she can sort through the emails easily.

FOOD: The restaurant will open at 10:30am to be ready for the first groups should they wish to eat. We know last year got off to a rocky start with lots of lessons learned. The restaurant this year will be more BBQ focused and we are excited about their new offerings. We hope you will all give them another chance. The monthly food event will now be served buffet style in the dancehall to give a more community feeling.

REGISTRATION FEES: With the cost of food increasing so dramatically as everyone is experiencing, we need to increase the registration fee from $90 to $100 to cover the increased cost of the monthly events and the final banquet.

POINTS: Yes we know we messed up the points system last year. Morgan will be announcing the points system this year so it is clear for everyone.

To Register for the upcoming season PLEASE CLICK HERE