Thursday Night Match Play 2024



TEAMS: This is a team event with a team consisting of 2 players. Each person on the team will have an individual handicap. Please hand in complete scores

SCORING: Each person on the team will play against another player on another team. You will either win, lose or tie a hole. Points will be handed out cumulatively for each team based on the Match Play formula’s (see rules sheet)

SUBS: There will be a Sub list available for players who cannot make a night. You will be required to find your own Sub

PLAY-OFFS: Play Offs will start the middle of August depending on the number on entries to the League.


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Players will WIN or LOSE a Hole – The Player with the Lower Score on the hole after the handicaps have been applied is the Winner.

A player may concede a hole at any time prior to start or conclusion of that

hole. A score of 2 X the Par will be taken as the recorded score unless the opponent has a score 2 X or more of the Par in which case a score of the opponents winning score PLUS 1 will be applied

The player may concede his opponents next stroke at any time, provided the

opponent’s ball is at rest. The opponent will count this conceded stroke in his score

A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

Honor goes to the player who won the last hole.


Points will be awarded as follows:

1 Points per actual team player Playing on the Night – Subs do not receive the point

1 Point for each Hole Won per Player

3 Points if both Team Players (or Subs) win their matches


A player can not knowingly give wrong information (ie the opponent is entitled to

know the number of strokes you have made when requested). 

Penalty strokes must be reported to opponent unless it is obvious that you are proceeding under a rule requiring a penalty- i.e. Water or lateral hazard.

The player whose ball is furthest from the hole should play first or the opposing

player may recall the stroke.

Touching or moving the opponent’s ball (except in searching) without permission

is a 1-stroke penalty.

Order of play: Balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the side considers best.

Wrong Ball: If a player incurs the ‘loss of hole’ penalty under 15-3a for making a

stroke at the wrong ball, he is disqualified for that hole, but his partner incurs no penalty, even if the wrong ball belongs to him.

Putting out: Putting out after a concession is made may result in a loss of hole (if it assists a partner’s play of hole).

Effect of other penalties: If a player’s breach of a rule assists his partner’s play or adversely affects an opponent’s play, the partner incurs the applicable penalty in addition to any penalty incurred by the players. In all other cases where a player incurs a penalty for breach of a rule the penalty does not apply to his partner. Where the penalty is stated to be ‘loss of hole’ – the effect is to disqualify the player for that hole.


All bush lines, water hazards and Out of Bounds will be played as Lateral Hazards with a 1 stroke penalty. Ball must be dropped at point of entry 1 club length from hazard. Any other drop area must be agreed upon by your opponent  or it will be considered as a LOSS of Hole.

Everywhere will be play the ball as it lies. There is no “tipping up the ball” anywhere on the course.











































2015– Pete Sheehan/ Bill Walker

2016- Anthony Lalonde/….

2017- Al Johnstone/ Myles Howe

2018- Jim MacMillan/ Jason Harris

2019- Jim MacMillan/ Jason Harris

2020- Brian Lalonde/ Al Johnstone

2021- Brian Lalonde/ Al Johnstone



















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