Evening Men’s League 2024

Happy 2024 and welcome to the 2024 Monday Night Men’s League

What’s New:

Start Date: April 29th, 2024

Tee Times: By now we will have chatted to pretty much everyone to confirm your tee times for this year. I know there are a couple group that would like to move their tee times but currently other teams have those times. We are looking at an option to potentially help with this. More information will be available once we have worked out the kinks.

Monthly Events: After an overwhelmingly positive response we will be changing the Monthly Event Days with a Meal to a 5:30pm Shotgun start. We would like to improve the community feel to the league and get our league members together more often then just the final banquet.

Administration: This year our Brian in the Proshop will be running and organizing the Men’s League which should clean up some of the issues that have come up in the last couple years. He is excited to be taking over the League!

League Fee: We will be keeping the League Registration Fee at $200 for the season and for those who prefer the pay as you go the Registration Fee will be going up to $100 plus $10 per week to cover the fixed expenses (like meals). There are approximately 20 weeks of league.




Everyone’s points will be determined off of NET Scores.

Handicaps will be determined ONLY from scores within Men’s League and will be adjusted every week by the program. Handicaps are a way for us to level the playing field for everyone. If you play to your handicap you should end up shooting even par after your handicap has been deducted I.e. if you are a 10 Handicap for 9 holes and you shoot 45 on our front 9 your net score would be 35 (even par).

FLIGHTS will be determined from handicaps and will be evaluated each week based on everyone handicap. Points will be allocated within each flight. The number of Flights will be determined by the number of people registered.

NET SCORE POINTS – You will receive Net Score Points, within your flight, based on your net score. The person has the lowest score will get 1st place and receive 15 points, 2nd lowest score will get 2nd place and 14 points etc….

BONUS POINTS – We have added bonus points to reward success on individual holes. These will also be NET SCORES associated with each hole i.e. if you are a 9 handicap for 9 holes you will get 1 stork off of each hole. If you are a 2 handicap for 9 holes, on the Front 9 you would get a stroke off of your score on holes 6 & 9 (the hardest holes). Bonus Points are as follows: 10 Points Double Eagle, 8 Points Eagle, 6 Points Birdie, 4 Points Par, 2 Points Bogey

ATTENDANCE POINTS – You will receive 5 points each day you show up

SCORE ENTRY POINTS – If you enter your scores either on your phone or from your computer at home, everyone on your team will receive 5 bonus points


You should have received an email telling you about the app for keeping track of scores and the online option. It would have included the website name (league name), your user name and your password.

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