Evening Ladies League Info

Thank you again for committing to Orr Lake Golf Club for your weekly league. Once again we will be re-evaluating all aspects of our league to try and make it better for next year. Please stay tuned for more information but the one change we can commit to is we will be continuing to do a shotgun start but instead of pre-made teams we will be going back in time to our old ways which means making teams as players arrive. This will help to ensure that everyone has a group of 4 to play with and will eliminate the twosomes going out on their own. If you have a friend you want to play with every week or your own group we will continue to accommodate these requests.

Money added to account in in left hand side column. $$ can be used for proshop products including food, drinks, green fees, carts and multipacks

27Sheila Gerow and Tammy Campbell
26.65Stephanie Patenaude
26.4Silvanna Henneman
26.15Debbie McMeekin
25.9Rita Sharpen
25.65Cheryn Thoun
25.4Breanne Bader
25.15Sue Jones
24.9Vikki Scott
24.65Clair Archer
24.4Janet Irvine
24.15Lisa Scott
23.9Lynda Hook
23.65Adele Downard
23.4Penny Meeking
23.15Tara Canu
22.9Sheila Moreau
22.65Sharon Woods
22.4Christa Phillips
22.15Joanne Bartlett
21.9Joyce Brown
21.65Carole Shaw
21.4Cathy Boyd
21.15Tammy O’Neill
20.9Liz Langdon
20.65Denise Tinney
20.4Bunny Coloumbus
20.15Michelle McIntyre
19.9Cindy Schutt
19.65Karianne Copeland
19.4Laurie Orlando
19.15Jamie Peddle
18.9Leslie Moreau
18.65Meredith Nyers
18.4Colleen Priest
18.15Danielle Alexander
17.9Sheryl Rossi
17.4Pamela Ross
17.15Allison Augermere
16.9Marg Bateman
16.65Maggie Loney
16.4Debra Haring
16.15Lorraine Dutton
15.9Danielle Dorion
15.65Nicole McDonald 
15.4Stacey Daoust
15.15Karen Hall
14.9Lee Jeanotte
14.65Sheila Golka
14.4Joan MacMillan
14.15Tina Muldoon
13.9Tina Robertson
13.65Marla Bolanos
13.4Amanda Futers
13.15Karen Robertson
5Christy Lavin
5Linda Swan
5Anna Smit
5Julie Hopper
5Cynthia Steiger
5Shirley Trudeau
5Afton Rowe
5Jen Brewer
5Michelle Veenstra
5Karen Hvalica
5Karen Cunningham
5Jen Washington
5Amy Westcott
5Nina Pepin
5Marg Longhurst
5Laurie Trudeau
5Christy Stone
5Shelby Turbac
5Gail Brodrick


May 30th – Meal

July 4th – Meal

August 1st – Meal

August 29th – Meal

September 12th – Final Banquet


You can receive points as follows:

  • 1 points showing up
  • 2 points for tying last week’s score
  • 3 points for points beating last weeks score by 2
  • 4 Points for beating last week’s score by 5
  • 5 Points for beating last week’s score by 7 or more

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