Evening Ladies League Tee Times

We have been asked about RULES….the fun word everyone hates. As a result we have created some basic rules for everyone which you can review by CLICKING HERE.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The Friday Before a League Week BEFORE 11am you will need to email morgan@orrlakegolfclub if you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT. Please don’t email us to tell us you are coming that week…only if you will NOT be attending

On Sunday morning at 10am you will receive an email that will have your tee time and the people you will be playing with. You may receive emails from Chronogolf with your tee times as well. If you have SPECIAL REQUESTS for your group for the coming week they MUST BE EMAILED BEFORE THE PREVIOUS FRIDAY by 11am. If you have a STANDING GROUP (Same group request every week) you only need to let us know the first week. We will not be able to make changes after 11am on the Friday.

You will be Teeing Off from the Yellow Tees

PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE HIGH LEVEL OF INTEREST WE ARE GOING WITH A SPLIT START (Front 9 and Back 9) to get everyone off at a reasonable time. We will be alternating ladies off each 9.

TEE TIMES will be Between 5:25pm and 6pm


Morning, Afternoon & Evening 

May 24 Event with Meal 

June 21 Event with Meal

July 26 Event with Meal

August 23   Event with Meal

September 13 Ladies Evening Banquet

September 20 Ladies Morning & Afternoon Banquet




4:45 Rita Sharpen Lynda Hook Denise Tinney Tina Muldoon

4:54 Cheryn Thoun Andrea Harris Tammy O’Neil Debbie McMeeking

5:03 Meredith Nyers Marla Bolanos Michelle McIntyre Ava Alward

5:12 Silvanna Henneman Janet Irvine Jacqueline Malarky Colleen Baldwin

5:21 Christy Lavin Danielle Dorion Patricia Alexander Dona Champion

5:30 Carol Shaw Clair Archer Laura Ferlov Jensen

5:39 Jennifer Hunter Joanne Bartlett Nancy Duncan

5:48 Keri Ann Kenney Bonnie Clement Jane Kenney


4:45 Tammy Grey Karieanne Copeland Lee Jeannotte Sue Jones

4:54 Cynthia Steiger Michelle Clarke Cyndi Bonneville Liz Langdon

5:03 Christa Phillips Margaret Bateman Karen Robinson Vikki Scott

5:12 Tina Robertson Sheryl Trace Rossi Colleen Priest Cindy Schutt

5:21 Rosa Pretty Shelby McLeish Turbach Sue Green Nina Pepin

5:30 Lisa Palmer Danielle Alexander Julie Hopper

5:39 Karen Hvalica Afton Rowe Amy Westcott