Thursday Bay Shore Info

Welcome to 2023 Bayshore Golf League!

We have a few changes coming this year:

Still the Bayshore League: It has been a long road but the operations of the Bayshore League will now fully be under the Orr Lake League umbrella. Unfortunately over the years it has been harder and harder too get Bayshore volunteers to set up to run the league so Orr Lake will now take the full reins (no more calling Linda Green with issues – she finally gets to relax and enjoy her golf). Nothing will change in terms of operations and you really shouldn’t notice a difference. That being said Orr Lake will no longer be collecting Bayshore dues. The fee for all golfers will be $70. We encourage all golfers of this league to continue supporting the Bayshore club with their membership dues as it helps the club stay afloat (and they have lots of other fantastic activities)

Tee Times: Tee times will continue to be on 1 nine holes each week BUT there will be once a month SHOTGUN STARTS. This year the schedule for the entire season will be laid out at the beginning of the year so you will know all your playing times and groups in advance.

Special Requests: If you want to play with someone(s) for the entire season please let us know when you register. Please send an email to with the subject BAYSHORE REQUEST so she can easily organize all requests. If you can’t make it one week you can email Morgan and she will take you off the list that week. We will do our best to join up people in smaller groups.

To REGISTER for the Bayshore League PLEASE CLICK HERE