Thursday Bay Shore Info

Thank you again for committing to Orr Lake Golf Club for your weekly league. Once again we will be re-evaluating all aspects of our league to try and make it better for next year.

Please stay tuned for more information but the one change we can commit to is we will be going back in time to our old ways of shotgun starts every week and making teams as players arrive. This will help to ensure that everyone has a group of 4 to play with and will eliminate the twosomes going out on their own. If you have a friend you want to play with every week or your own group we will continue to accommodate these requests.

Your Standings and Prize $$ are below. Money can be used for Proshop products including food, drinks, green fees and multipacks.

Bayshore $
36Charlie Wright
36Peggy Dundas
35.75Pat Schindler
35.5Cecil Gratrix
35.25Joanne Lloyd
35David Schindler
34.75Pat Dunn
34.5Joseph Reinhardt
34.25Wayne Young
34Carol Hackney
33.75Norm Moffitt
33.5Ron Peterson
33.25Jack O’Leary
33Don McRae
32.75Bob McMillan
32.5Mary Downey
32.25Carol Stonehouse
32Beth Carter
31.75Phil Hackney
31.5Corey Pocalukyo
31.25Rick Turner
31Mike O’Grady
30.75John Collins
30.5Paul McCleave
30.25Robert Lloyd
30Bill Dunn
29.75Fred Carter
29.5Dawn McCleave
29.25June O’Grady
29Frank Pellegrino
28.75Frank Naylor
28.5Adele Heins
28.25Peter Dekkema
28Dave Chapman
27.75Kevin Doran
27.5Genie Mathers
27.25Debbie Wilson
27Shirley Trudeau
26.75Nora Dixon
26.5Carol Ivey
26.25Lynda Cobb
26Joanne Long
25.75Ed Spitzig
25.5Ivor Bryant
25.25Gary Hodgins
25Carol Dekkema
24.75Don Monteith
24.5Phillip Wilson
24.25Tom Cobb
24Brian Thompson
23.75Shirley Richardson
23.5Ken Birse
23.25Trevor Pocalukyo
23Beth Ann Cartier
22.75Bill Robinson
22.5Ralph Howard
22.25Paul Bodanis


Bay Shore Seniors Association memberships of $25 per member are now due, & can be dropped off in the Pro shop or given to Carol Hackney.  Cheques or cash only, sorry no credit or debit.