Afternoon Ladies Tee Times

Ladies League Final Results

Money added to account in in left hand side column. $$ can be used for proshop products including food, drinks, green fees, carts and multipacks

24Linda Hunter
22Marjorie Nadeau
20Marg Kiersnowski
18Eileen Steele
16Carolyn Phillips
14Deb English
12Debbie Wilson
10Ali Elder
8Joanne Long
6Joan Howard
5Inez Marckini


Morning, Afternoon & Evening 

May 30th Event with Meal 

June 27 Event with Meal

August 1st Event with Meal

August 22   Event with Meal

September 19 Ladies Morning & Afternoon Banquet

POINTS: You get points for the end of season prizes through the following:

  • 1 points showing up
  • 2 points for tying last week’s score
  • 3 points for points beating last weeks score by 2
  • 4 Points for beating last week’s score by 5
  • 5 Points for beating last week’s score by 7 or more

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