Membership Guarantee Program

We think it is important that everyone here feels like they received great value for their dollar so for 2014 we have launched our new Membership Guarantee Program. We know that everyone joins with the best of intentions of playing lots throughout the season but things pop up, medical issues occur, family stuff happens etc. We don’t want anyone being disappointed at the end of the year that they didn’t get their money’s worth. Here is how our program will work:

We have made our calculations based on the cost of 18 hole rounds because how many holes people play per day as members is very difficult to track.


Full Individual Membership                   25 Rounds

Weekday Individual Membership         30 Rounds

Couples Full/Weekday Membership    45 Rounds (between both people)

If you meet or exceed the BREAK EVEN number of rounds your cost for the following year is the normal membership cost

If you are between 75-100% of the BREAK EVEN POINT you will only pay 75% of the value of the NEXT years membership

If you are between 50-75% of the BREAK EVEN POINT you will only pay 50% of the value of the NEXT years membership

If you are between 25-50% of the BREAK EVEN POINT you will only pay 25% of the value of the NEXT years membership

If you play LESS then 25% of the BREAK EVEN POINT your membership will be transferred into the following year at no charge

This will allow you another season to amortize your membership benefit cost to help you receive better bang for your dollar.


  • In order to qualify for this program you must register in the PROSHOP membership sign in book once a day everytime you come out to play and confirm your registration with the person in the proshop. If you do not sign in and we catch you, you will not be eligible for the program
  • This program is only valid for years where you have paid the full cost of a membership. The 2nd year after you paid the discounted membership fee you would not qualify for this program so on the 3rd year you would go back to paying the Full membership price.
  • The 2nd year discounted membership must be paid by Nov 1st of the 1st years membership in order to receive the discounted deal. No bonus benefits will be given with this membership (i.e. guest passes, cart rentals etc.). If you pay on or before November 1st and cannot play at all the following year we will either allow you to postpone your membership until the following year or we will refund your money by May 31st of that 2nd year. The choice will be the members.
  • This program only applies to the Full Individual, Weekday Individual, Full Couple and Weekday Couple memberships.
  • At this point I can’t think of any other conditions.